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Handcrafted From The Heart

Jason and Mary Coblentz have been creating premium chocolates for more than 30 years. In the fall of 1987, Jason and Mary, along with Jason’s brother Mark Coblentz realized their dream of bringing quality chocolate to Walnut Creek, Ohio.  Housed in a quaint Victorian house on the corner of State Route 515 and State Route 39, visitors and locals alike are welcomed by the tantalizing aroma of warm chocolate, glass jars filled with candies of all varieties and over 100 varieties of handmade chocolates in milk, dark, white and sugar free.  


In addition to chocolates, the Coblentz team also makes caramel corn in a variety of flavors and fudge from scratch.  Whether you prefer Buckeyes, Snappers, Creamfills, Caramels or Clusters, there is something for everyone at Coblentz Chocolates. 

Coblentz is famous for caramel and caramel is included in several of their delicacies. All of the caramel at Coblentz Chocolates is cooked from scratch over an open flame in a copper kettle.  Caramel can be found in the best-selling Sea Salt Caramels with Milk or Dark Chocolate, each of the Snappers which include freshly roasted and salted pecans, cashews or macadamias, Milk or Dark Chocolate Caramel and the time honored Caramel Candy which is an uncoated piece of caramel wrapped in waxed paper, just like grandma used to do it.

A unique observation area in the store allows customers to watch chocolates being created.  In 2018, a Coblentz Chocolate Company historical timeline was installed alongside the observation windows along with an educational panel explaining how chocolate is made.

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Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

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