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About 58:12 Global

Why BOAC Supports This Area Shelter

Best of Ohio's Amish Country's annual springtime Chocolate Tour and our Savor The Flavor of Fall Tour have become area attractions for visitors and residents. Since their inception, both events' proceeds have been donated to 58:12 Global here in Holmes County.

There is a non-profit here in our own backyard dedicated to helping the women and children who are victims of these situations. 58:12 Global is a non-profit organization in Holmes County, Ohio whose purpose is to provide shelter and support to women and children who are rescued from domestic violence, not just in Ohio, but in Thailand and Haiti as well. According to Larry Kaufman, pastor of Grace Church and co-founder of 58:12, “Our vision is to bring hope and healing to the most vulnerable in our world.” The organization, whose name stems from Isaiah 58:12, provides housing, food clothing, counseling, training and support for each resident to assist women in getting back on their feet and living full lives free from the fear of abuse. “There are so many positives about living in our community”, says Kaufman. “But like with any area, there are so many things that are below the water line; you don’t see them, but you know they’re there.” Domestic violence and other forms of abuse are issues that are present in our community and in most communities across the nation.Since the inception of the organization in 2014, 58:12 Global has helped over 400 women and hosted 40 women and 27 children over a period of 1,460 nights. 58:12 currently exists as its own non-profit, supported by Grace Church and other area churches, individuals and businesses. Any other funding is limited, so the organization is always looking for donations or organizations to partner with. Best of Ohio’s Amish Country donates all proceeds from all current events to 58:12 to help provide support and hope to the women and children in Ohio who need it. For example, all proceeds from the Chocolate Tour on May 13th & 14th will be donated directly to 58:12. We encourage everyone to purchase a ticket today, not only to sample delicious chocolates from Ohio’s Amish Country, but also support an organization that is so close to home. If your business is interested in partnering with 58:12 or if you would like to donate to the ministry, please visit for more information.

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