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Do Amish Vote?

Many people wonder at the cultural norms of the Amish. As Anabaptist people, the Amish live a decidedly different lifestyle than most. They are pacifist, non-political people, which spurs curiosity amongst those unfamiliar with Amish culture. Among common questions and misconceptions about the Amish, is this: do the Amish vote in government elections? 

Statistically speaking, a very small number of Amish (roughly 10-15%) will cast ballots during a presidential election. The reason for this varies. While voting is not typically outright prohibited in Amish culture, a community’s stance on voting can vary from congregation to congregation. Amish believe in non-resistance, and while they respect the government, they feel that Christians should adhere to the laws of the spiritual kingdom above all else.

The reluctance to vote is less about a religious taboo and more about the Amish belief that political actions are futile when considered within the spiritual grand scheme.

Participation in local elections tends to be more typical for the Amish. When the voting concerns tangible issues that may effect them more directly, it is more likely for the Amish to participate in a local election. Issues such as land use, zoning, and others that directly affect the Amish and their community are more likely to see an Amish voter turnout.

So, in answer to the question, “Do Amish people vote?”, the answer turns out to be a gray area. Whether or not an Amish person votes in a presidential or local election depends entirely on their church’s stance on voting, and perhaps the affect an issue would have on their lifestyle.

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