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Why 2,000 + Furniture Colors?

Your home is a reflection of yourself, so why not make it as unique as you are? At Homestead, customization is the name of the game. In their 27,000 square-foot showroom, you can browse ideas to use in your own home — but if you don’t see a piece that is just right — Homestead Furniture has the solution. 

Sit down with Homestead’s designer and create the exact piece you’re looking for. You decide the shape, size, style, color, and finish that is just what your room needs. Your designer will hand-sketch your vision and work with you until it looks exactly how you imagine. You’ll choose from one of more than 2,000 color choices — a selection that is truly unique to Homestead. 

Homestead creates colors by layering shades and using different techniques to achieve the perfect look. They can also match any color from a sample. For example, if you have an antique piece with a stain you just adore, Homestead will recreate that same color for your custom piece. 

Customization has always been Homestead’s focus. Since their start in a humble chicken coop (yes, a chicken coop!), husband and wife Ernie and Barbara Hershberger have sold furniture the only way they knew how — made to fit the space it is going into. While many manufacturers only produce furniture within set factory dimensions, Homestead makes furniture in the size and dimension that the customer needs. They believe that each home has individual needs, so the customer should be able to purchase furniture that fits that need, down to the millimeter. 

When working with Homestead to create a custom design, you choose everything — but we are always nearby to help. Bring in as many inspiration sources as you can find — images from magazines, the internet, or a Pinterest board can give a great starting-off point. The designer will start by helping you determine the function of the piece, what styles you like, and which species of wood you prefer. Then together, you’ll work out colors, details and the finishing hardware for your piece. Homestead’s designer will sketch out your vision and make sure the piece has structural integrity before it moves to construction. 

Homestead is committed to producing truly local products — they try to source their products as close as possible to their Mt. Hope, Ohio facility. All of their upholstery is made in the USA, and Amish craftsmen work in the production room creating each of the custom designs. 

In fact, when you visit Homestead, you can tour the factory and see the furniture-making process first-hand. From start to finish, you’ll see each phase of the development. Homestead even has a section dedicated to outdoor living that helps you imagine what things will look like in your outdoor space. It's truly an experience to be had.

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